Follow the steps mentioned below to get started with your free trial.

Setting up a Spektra Academy Account

  1. Go to and click on ‘Start Learning’.
  2. Click on ‘Sign up’ at the bottom of the form.
    If you created a Spektra Academy account already, then you can login with that account.
  3. Sign up with either LinkedIn account or Work/School Account.
    1. Work/School Account
      Enter the necessary details when prompted and then click on ‘Create Account’.
    2. LinkedIn Account
      Login to your LinkedIn account in the prompt window that will popup. And then verify the details and click on ’Allow’.
  4. Once you are logged onto the Dashboard, click on ‘Explore Courses’ to get started.


How to Purchase and Activate Labs

  1. Choose the course of your choice (in this case, it will be AZ-900T00-AC: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals)
  2. Click on ‘Enroll Now’ button.
  3. Options:
    1. Free Access with Coupon/Voucher code-
      In this step, you can enter the code given to you and access the lab for free.
      Note: This Coupon will be applicable only once. From the following time, you will have to sign up via a payment gateway.

      Enter the custom Coupon code provided to you and click on ’Place Order’.
    2. Payment Gateway-
      Click on Stripe from the available Payment Methods.
      Then enter the card details and click on ’Pay…’ button at the bottom.
  4. By this time, your order is Completed & course purchased.
    Click on ‘Go to dashboard’.
  5. Click on ‘View Course’.
  6. Now you can start your course by clicking on ‘Start Course’.

Getting started with the course

  1. After clicking on ‘Start Course’, you will land on the ‘Note to Learners’ tab of the course. We request you to go through it completely before you proceed.
    Once done, you can click on ‘Next’.
  2. You will then land on the ‘Module Overview’ tab of the course. You can go through the instructions mentioned and also the various module names that are listed. Then click on ‘Next’.
  3. By default, you will land on the ‘Video’ tab in ‘Module Overview’ of a particular Module. You can then switch between the following:
    – Video Lectures
    – Hands-on Lab Environment
    – Review + Quiz
    You can alternatively click on ’Next’ to navigate from one tab to the next.
    Note: We recommend you to go through the Video completely before proceeding to the ’Hands-on Lab’ tab, especially if you are new to the Azure hands-on ecosystem.
    In this case, watch the video of the first module, ’Create a Virtual Machine in Azure’.
  4. By clicking on either ‘Next’ or ‘Hands-on Lab’ tab, you will be redirected to the next page where you can begin with the Lab by clicking on ‘LAUNCH LAB’ prompt that appears.
  5. After clicking on ‘LAUNCH LAB’, your Azure On Demand Hands-on Lab environment will then launch. It might take anywhere between 5mns. to 20mns. to launch your custom Azure Lab. Kindly be patient.
  6. Once the Lab is launched, you will see a window similar to the screenshot below.
    Congratulations! You can now start working on Azure.
    You can follow the instructions mentioned in the ‘Lab Guide’ on the right side of the screen. The commands to execute and steps to perform will be mentioned here.If you want any details wrt the Environment or the Virtual Machine, you can click on their respective tabs on the right side of the screen.Note: Each Hands-on Lab in a Module, will be available only for 1 hr. from launch time. So do ensure to execute the practicals of that Module in one sitting. Even the voucher cannot be redeemed again.
  7. You can finish the Module by going to the last tab i.e ‘Review + Quiz’ and review your understanding of the Module.You can scroll down to the MCQs and complete the Quiz. Alternatively, a video based, explanation will be given to the MCQs for your reference.
  8. By Clicking on ‘Next’, you can move onto the next Module of the course, I.e, ‘Azure Container Instances’. You can follow the same procedure throughout the entirety of the course.
  9. You can use the ‘Discussion’ feature of a course to start a thread related to your doubts/queries with our community. Other learners in the community will be able to respond to you and share ideas.
  10. You can use ‘Progress’ tracker feature to review your learning status and also to generate the certificate if you have completed all the necessary steps.

    Below is the Quiz score tracker.

This brings an end to this ‘Spektra Academy Course Guide’. If you have any doubts/ queries wrt the Course or launching On Demand Labs, you can reach our team at