Microsoft is a TECH mogul dominating the industry today with a number of Product lines. And it is Microsoft Azure which stands out as one of their biggest bets of this century. 

Technologists from around the world would unanimously agree that Azure is here to dominate the Cloud Computing domain for many years to come. So will the demand for professionals skilled in Azure & hence the soaring demand for Azure Certifications. 

Power of Azure Certifications 

To land a high-paying job in a respectable company, one needs to show credibility. And Microsoft Certifications are a great way to show off your tech skills. Microsoft certifications are so revered that, it is a trend among Founders and C-Suite employees to put it up on social platforms such as LinkedIn. 

The best part? You don’t need to be a tech person to pursue these certifications. As long as the intention is to build credibility over the skills/tools, Azure Certifications serve a great purpose. 

For various profiles (technical & non-technical) such as: 

  • Sales Engineers 
  • Marketing Managers 
  • Software Developers  
  • Cloud / Tech Consultants  
  • Project Managers & Product Managers 
  • Technology Directors and  
  • Department Heads 

 …there are different Role-based Certification paths, namely 

  • Fundamental-Level Certifications 
  • Associate-Level Certifications 
  • Expert-Level Certifications 
  • Speciality Certifications  

Azure Certifications: Which is the right one for you? 

SincAzure certifications have matured well and are diverse in covering skillsyou may get confused over the relevancy for you. You may first want to identify yourself to one of the below types: 

  1. “I’m new to tech. I know almost nothing about this ‘cloud’ you speak of.”
    If you identify yourself to this category of entrantsthen Microsoft Fundamental-Level certifications are for you. There are a variety of courses offered by Microsoft under this categoryHowever, I urge you to check out the below courses that Spektra Academy have to offer: 
    • AZ-900T00-AC – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
      This is recommended if you want a good understanding of the Cloud Computing world, and in particular- Microsoft Azure. Anybody from experienced professionals from the non-technical field to college graduates looking to get their first job in TECH can go for this.
      Why should you get this? –
      This is a very valuable certifications because on average, certified folks take home close to $126,000 salary. But that doesn’t mean you can stop here. This is still an entry level certification. 
    • PL-900T00-AC – Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals
      This is recommended if you want a solid understanding of any of the following Microsoft products: Power BIPowerApps and Power Automate. This certification is inclined more towards experienced professionals (0-3 yrs job exp.) from Data Visualization background. But there is no stopping fresh graduates from pursuing this certification as it will be a big add-on to your CV. 
    • MS-900T01-AC – Microsoft 365 Fundamentals
      This is recommended if you want to understand how Microsoft 365 works, its features & services. You will also understand the importance of Cloud adoption & Microsoft’s SaaS offering. Both freshers & seasoned professionals can pursue this certification. 
    • AI-900T001-AC – Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
      This is recommended if you want to bring credibility to the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning skills that you possess. However, it is to be noted that, this is a foundational level course which certifies you with the basics.
      Why should you get this? –
      If you want to break into the most trending domain of today- AI/ML, then this certification will be invaluable, as it certifies that you are comfortable with the basics of AI/ML and its related services supported by Azure.

    • DP-900T00-AC – Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals
      This is recommended if you are a Data professional and what to show credibility that you can work with Cloud-based Data management/engineering tools. Typically, Database administrators, Database engineers, Data Engineers & even Data Analysts can pursue this certification to build credibility. 
      Why should you get this? –
      While this is not a must-have for any role, this helps you prepare for Data-related Associate level certifications such as Azure Database Administrator associate or Azure Data Engineer associate.
  • “I know a little bit about the cloud, And I want to grow within my function.
    If you are one of these guys, then you need something more than the Foundational level certifications. The Associate level certifications commands a little more respect & is testament to the fact that, you possess both theoretical & hands-on knowledge of a said subject. These certifications are a must-have to grow a step within the corporate ladder.
    Note: You will need a lot of hands-on knowledge on Azure to attempt any certification here. 
    Spektra Academy currently offer only this Associate-level certification: AZ-104T00-AC: Microsoft Azure AdministratorRead about other Microsoft certifications in the Associate-Level category here.Why should you get this? –
    If you want to get into the Azure-management game, then this certification is a no-brainer. Seasoned IT professionals and Administrators who keep tabs on cloud assets and resources and manage cloud infrastructure should go for this certification as this shows the expertise. 
    PS: This is a must-have certificate if you aim to rise upto the rank of Cloud Architect. 


Getting certified in Microsoft Azure technologies brings one of the many benefits such as: 

  1. Credibility to existing tech & cloud skills
  2. A better pay
  3. An opportunity to move up the corporate ladder 

Remember – Up-skilling is a mustTo get Microsoft Azure Certified as an individual, reach out to Spektra AcademyFor enterprise-wide learning & practise labs, reach out to CloudLabs.

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